Disability friendly rooms for partially blind and blind students and for students that are wheelchair bound.

Each flat has two bathrooms one for each half of the passage. A typical bathroom has a bath, three toilets, a shower and over five basins. There are two types of disposal bins, one for food waste and the other for trash.

Sarah Baartman Residence is involved in sporting activities that are injunction with the Nelson Mandela University Residence League.

Students are able to study in the comfort of their room or to study at the Study Centre located behind the Residence.

A computer lab where students can gain access to the internet and complete academic work if they do not have their own personal computers.

The Residence is Wi-Fi enabled. Students are able to access Wi-Fi in the comfort of their room.

Sarah Baartman Residence has a study session from Monday - Thursday from 19:00 - 21:00.

Contact information
Lucia Mtshake